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Discover classical music at your own pace, with classical singer Kayla Collingwood as your guide!

Classical Music History

Intro 1

Introduction to Classical Music
Part I: Early Music (476-1600AD)


Introduction to Classical Music
Part II: Baroque, Classical, and Romantic (1600-1900)

The "Introduction to Classical Music" online course is the perfect way to get started on your journey of learning about classical music! The course is divided into two parts, with a third in development: the first part covers early music from 476-1600AD, and the second part focuses on music from the Baroque to Romantic eras. No prior knowledge or experience about classical music is needed to take this course, and it's perfect for those looking to start their listening journey!

Free Online Learning

Discover free content via YouTube, social media (scroll down to see my social media links), Sound Garden: classical music immersion, my blog, and more!

I am passionate about making classical music more accessible, but this does cost time and money! Here are a few ways you can help me to keep creating:

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Interested in a 1:1 session?

I offer online and in-person classical music immersion sessions, where you can discover the works, composers, and history of classical music in an interactive way, and learn how to integrate classical music into your daily life. You can select a general overview of classical music, or we can look at specific topics/works/composers of interest. 

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